Jaanuar/ January

Body/ Object/ Document

Down and Dirty/ Five Days in Polymer

25- 29 January 2012

Culture Factory Polymer Tallinn Estonia


During the workshop we will build and photograph a model space. We will make performance art for the camera and merge them to create unique images of the body in a constructed environment. Participants will live and work collectively. The first three days begin with body work as a way to relax the body and to increase the level of comfort of the participants. The workshop offers guided practice in installation art, model building and performance art for the camera. Participants agree to focus their full attention and time to the project. The intensity of the program is a strategy to stimulate a change in consciousness to increase awareness and inspire creative action.



Day 1: Body work, Guided tour of Tallinn, Presentations of past works, Sauna party/ Discussion theoretical, conceptual approach to project.


Day 2 Body work, Build models, Photograph installations/ models, evening performance activity, body as sculpture, screening model photos.


Day 3 Body work, Photo perspective and lighting mini lesson, Performance for the Camera, Evening screening of images, critique.


Day 4:  Integration of images, digital, analog, computer lab, dark room, analog techniques, Evening screening, selection of works, critique.


Day 5: Exhibition, presentation, mounting, lighting, installation, critique, sauna.


The artists of Polymer are experts in a style of environmental construction and fabrication. We are known for site specific works which use repurposed materials. We use improvisation, available materials and limited tools to produce aesthetic, conceptual and functional installations. We teach self reliance, independence and a fearless approach to artistic production. Students in the Body/Object/Document workshop will develop skills in model building, installation art, performance art, digital imaging and analog photographic techniques.

The instructors of Body/Object/Document are experienced educators and practicing artists. Their expertise covers areas of live art, installation art, photography, digital imaging and general theory and practical approaches to contemporary art practice.

Tanel Saar is a distinguished architectural model builder. His models are in the collections of museums and design showcases throughout Europe. He is an artist, performance artist and curator; his works have been exhibited world wide along with collective works from Art Container (artcontainer.ee). He is a lecturer at the Estonian Academyof Arts.

Jurgita Remeikyte is a lecturer of photography at the Vilnius Academy of Arts since 2000. Her works have been published and exhibited throughout Europe and is included in an anthology of the recent history of Lithuanian Photography.

Ernest Truely is a trans-disciplinary artist. He lectures throughout Europe on themes in New Media Art. He has exhibited objects and live art throughout the United States and Europe. He is a lecturer at the Baltic Film and Media School in Tallinn.

Mai Soot is an Estonian artist experienced in interdisciplinary art practice and performance art. She will instruct daily performance exercises.

Costs will be determined between 20-40 Euros each to cover collective accommodation, food, heating and printing during the five day workshop.

Contact Ernest with any questions and to register, ernesttruely@yahoo.com, (Skype)